Our Team

When the Wells Fargo stagecoach makes an appearance in your town, it takes a dedicated team of horses and stagecoach drivers to get the job done.

Meet our stagecoach drivers

Michael (Oregon)
Paul (California)
Troy (Arizona)
George (California)
Rod (California)
Gary (Colorado)
Mike (Minnesota)
Ty (Iowa)
Al (Texas)
Alan (Texas)
Jimmy (Texas)
Tyke (New Hampshire)

Meet our stagecoach horses

Horses have always been an important part of Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach story. In the 1860s horses pulled Wells Fargo’s Stagecoaches carrying people, goods, and mail across the West.

Today, our horse and driver teams bring the famous Wells Fargo Stagecoach to hundreds of community events every year. To get there takes training, skill, care, and a very special bond between horses and humans working together to bring Wells Fargo’s history to life through our Stagecoach Appearance Program.