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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Saunders and Co.’s Placerville and Carson Valley Express, Stelle’s Express, Stelle’s Daily Express, and Swart and Co.’s Express.

No. 554 The address has been lost from this cover. Contains franks for Wells Fargo and Saunders and Co.’s Placerville and Carson Valley Express. This unknown and unadvertised express company ran from Placerville and Carson Valley before the Virginia City “boom”. It probably followed the route used by Theo T. Tracy in the summer of 1857; consequently it probably ran in 1858.

No. 555 Sent by Stelle’s Express from Hornitos to Mokelumne Hill, where it was mailed to David Roberson in Volcano, California. Inside is a letter dated November 18, 1854, from Mary and N. R. Huges in Hornitos. Steele’s Express ran between Stockton and Mariposa County points in 1854 and 1855. It connected with Wells Fargo at Stockton.

No. 556 Sent from San Francisco to Nevada City, and then by Stiles’ Daily Express to some point along his route, which ran from Nevada City to Forest City and also from Nevada City to Iowa Hill in 1855. Letter addressed to “Mrs. Sinclair” or Catherine Sinclair, the divorced wife of Edwin Forrest.

No. 557 Although the name on this cover has faded, the destination is still visible—San Leandro, California. Taken by Swart and Co.’s Express, the second Contra Costa County express in the series: Almy and Co.’s Express, Swart and Co.’s Express, Herre and Co.’s Express, Hoag and Co.’s Express, and Bamber and Co.’s Express. It advertised in July, 1854.

Photograph of a street scene in Hornitos, California, 1930s.

Photograph of the old hotel in Hornitos, California, 1930s.