Panel 9

Wells Fargo delivers

Some merchants not only used Wells Fargo’s banking and express service, they also became the local company agents. One of the covers on this panel belonged to a merchant who later managed Wells Fargo’s operations from his store.

No. 44 Sent by Wells Fargo from Virginia City, Nevada, to George O. Whitney in San Francisco, California.

No. 45 Sent by Wells Fargo from Georgetown on March 27th.

No. 46 Sent by Wells Fargo from Auburn to L. D. Latimer in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California. It was sent on March 18th, 1860.

No. 47 Sent by Wells Fargo to A. A. Pond and Co. at Todds Valley, California. Pond later became Wells Fargo’s agent in Todds Valley, today known as Todd Valley.

No. 48 Sent by Wells Fargo from Sacramento, California, to Isaac L. Requa at Gold Hill, Nevada.