Panel 82

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Newell and Co.’s Express and Pacific Express Co.

No. 476 Sent from Stockton to R. H. Fish in San Francisco by Newell and Co.’s Express. L. W. Newell was an employee of Adams and Co. in Stockton. On Oct. 8th, 1851, Newell and E.W. Colt bought out Todd and Co.’s Express, in which Colt had been a partner. They started Newell and Co.’s Express. One month later, Newell and Colt turned their express over to Adams and Co.

No. 477 Sent to Sam Bell in Sacramento, California. Dated October 22, 1855, and sent by Pacific Express Co., which formed in March 1855 after the failure of Adams and Co.’s. It covered California and expanded nationwide.

No. 478 Sent to Tandler and Co. in San Francisco, California, by Pacific Express Co.

No. 479 Sent by Pacific Express to J. Weston Brennan in Iowa Hill from Michigan Bar, California.

No. 480 Sent to Isaac L. Requa, father of Mark Requa, when he was mining on the Middle Fork of the American River before he went to the Comstock Lode in Nevada. Sent by Pacific Express Co. from San Francisco to Michigan Bluff, and forwarded to Yankee Jim, California.

Photograph of an old store and express office in Michigan Bar, California.