Panel 80

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Mann and Co.’s Express, Morley, Caulkin and Co.’s Daily Express, Mann’s Inland Express, Mossman and Miller’s Express, and Mossman’s and Co.’s Express.

No. 465 Sent to Hammond and Co. in the Coal Mines near Table Mount, California. Sent by Mann and Co.’s Express which ran daily between Oroville and Marysville. It connected to San Francisco in 1856.

No. 466 Sent to the Engraver Harrison Eastman at the Corner of Clay and Taylor Streets in San Francisco, California. Sent by Morley, Caulkin and Co.’s Daily Express, which ran from Gibsonville to American Valley and Elizabethtown, connecting with Everts and Co. at Gibsonville in 1854-1857, and then connecting with Pacific Express at Marysville.

No. 467 Unused cover with frank for Mann’s Inland Express. Based out of Crescent City, this express served important mining camps between there and Jacksonville, Oregon.

No. 468 Sent to H. R. Kincaid in Eugene City, Oregon, by Mossman and Miller’s Express. The partnership of Mossman and Miller only lasted a few months in the spring of 1862.

No. 469 Sent to N. S. Ebey at the John Day mines in Canyon Creek, Oregon. Sent by Mossman’s and Co.’s Express, who ran to Walla Walla and the Dalles. The local express, Jones Express, sent it from the Dalles to John Day charged $.50.

Photograph of an old express office in Strawberry Valley on the route from Marysville to La Porte, California.