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Wells Fargo delivers

No. 34 Sent by Wells Fargo and Boyd’s Dispatch from J. E. Garrett in Carson City, Nevada, on June 26th, 1866. Sent to J. W. Slosson at 71 Broadway, New York City, New York.

No. 35 Sent by Wells Fargo from C. B. Rice “Dealer in Carriage & Wagon Material, Lumber, Doors, Sash, Blinds, &c.” at the corner of 3rd and B streets in Petaluma, California. It is addressed to S. S. Smith, at 111 and 112 Market streets, San Francisco, California.

No. 36 Sent by Wells Fargo from San Jose to Miss Lucy Harrison in Columbia, Tuolumne County, California.

No. 37 Sent by Wells Fargo from bankers John A. Paxton and Co. in Austin, Nevada, to James F. Reed in Treasure City, White Pine, Nevada. It was sent on April 30th, 1869.

No. 38 Sent by Wells Fargo from San Diego to Petaluma Incubator Co. in Petaluma, California. It was sent on July 8th, 1894, six years after Wells Fargo became the first transcontinental express company offering service “Ocean to Ocean.”