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Wells Fargo delivers

No. 29 Sent by Wells Fargo from San Francisco, California, to William Steinhart in New York City, New York.

No. 30 Sent by Wells Fargo from Sacramento to the company’s agent in Downieville, California.

No. 31 Sent by Wells Fargo to Pierce and Co. at 133 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California.

No. 32 Sent by Wells Fargo to B. J. Voorhies on Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California. It is addressed to the Office of the Agency of the Accessory Transit Company of Nicaragua, and may be from 1855.

No. 33 Sent by Wells Fargo from the Territorial Auditor, Trinidad Alarid, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Attorney General Ed Marshall in Sacramento, California. It was sent through Deming, New Mexico.

No. 33A Forwarded by Wells Fargo to Mr. Stark, possibly a cashier in San Francisco, California. It was sent in the care of W. or James Jenkins at Woodlanding, near Deschuttes.