Panel 55

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Farley’s Express, Fargo and Co.’s, Ford and Co.’s, Francis and Co.’s, M. Fettis’s Oro Fino Express, Freys Valentine Express, J. F. Forman’s Gallatin, and W. T. Gibb’s Express.

No. 314 Sent to Miss L. J. Whitcomb in Swanzey, New Hampshire. Taken by Farley’s Express from Youngs Hill, California, near Camptonville, and taken to La Porte where the letter was forwarded by U.S. mail.

No. 315 Sent to Ferdinand J. McCann in Downieville, California. Taken by Fargo and Co.’s Feather River Express to Marysville where it was forwarded by Wells Fargo. Annan Fargo owned the Fargo and Co.’s Express and had no relationship to William Fargo of Wells Fargo.

No. 316 Sent to Amos P. Catlin in Sacramento, California. Forwarded from Sacramento to Greenwood by Ford and Co.’s Express. Sent on the steamer Cherokee. Inside is a letter from his family in New York dated December 1851.

No. 317 Sent to Miss Elvira Woods in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Taken by Francis and Co.’s Express to La Porte where the letter continued by U.S. mail. Dated April 30, 1860. The letter likely originated from one of the towns along the Francis and Co.’s Express route: Gibsonville, Nelson’s Creek, Jamison City, and Quincy.

No. 318 Unused cover marked with a frank for M. Fettis’s Oro Fino Express which served Oro Fino in Nez Perce, Idaho.

No. 319 Unused cover marked with a frank for Frey’s Valentine Express which operated in San Francisco, California. William A. Frey is marked as the “New England Valentine Company” company agent at 404 Kearny Street.

No. 320 Sent to Mrs. J. M. Knight in Puller Springs, Montana. Taken by J. F. Forman’s Gallatin Express which operated in Montana from Virginia to Sterling, Gallatin City, and Bozeman.

No. 321 Sent to Brooks, Clark and Co. in Folsom, California. Taken by W. T. Gibb’s Express and Wells Fargo. W. T. Gibb’s Express operated from Georgetown to Spanish Flat and Kelsey’s to Placerville. Inside is a letter dated February 28, 1859 from Charles B. Kulin.