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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by British Columbia Express and Brown’s Express.

No. 260 Unused cover with Barnard’s Express frank, which operated in British Columbia.

No. 261 Sent from Rising Sun, Indiana, to John S. Haines in Stockton, California, in the 1850s. Forwarded by Brown’s Express with a delivery charge of $2. Contains a note about the Hawkeye House. From 1850 to 1855, Brown’s Express ran from Stockton, Angels Camp, Murphys, and Sonora.

No. 262 Sent from Keokuk, Iowa, and forwarded by Brown’s express to S. R. Death in Stockton, California. Letter enclosed is dated August 8th, 1852, from S. G. Worthington.

No. 263 Sent from Boston Ravine near Grass Valley and forwarded by Adam’s and Co. Express to Stockton where it was picked up by Brown’s Express and delivered to Mr. Gardner Gillman at Murphy’s Camp, California. Letter enclosed is dated February 12th, 1852, from G. Cobs.

Photograph of Hawkeye House, California, 1930s.