Panel 42

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were delivered by Bamber and Co.’s Express, Bannack City Express, and Barnard’s Express.

No. 237 Unused Bamber and Co.’s Express cover.

No. 238 Sent by Bannack City Express from Brigham City, Utah, to Miss Sarah F. Clark in Collinsville, Madison County, Illinois.

No. 239 This is a copy of a Bannack City Express cover sent to Mrs. Horace Maynard at the Burnett House. It was first addressed to Westborough, Massachusetts, but was later redirected to Cincinnati, Ohio. Bannack City Express or Davis Patterson and Co.’s Pony Express ran from Bannack City, the then Capitol of Montana, to Salt Lake, Utah. It operated weekly over a trail using horses and mules. To ensure a fast connection east the mail was deposited at Brigham City, Utah, where it was taken up by the Overland Mail.

No. 240 Sent by Barnard’s Express, Dietz and Nelson’s British Columbia and Victoria Express, and Wells Fargo to Miss Maria S. Pratt in San Francisco, California, on July 21st, 1865. It contains an orange “Barnard’s Cariboo Express” orange paster.

No. 241 Sent by Barnard’s Express and Wells Fargo to George P. Pope in Caraboo, British Columbia, from San Francisco, California. It was originally addressed to M. Erlenbach, and contains a green “Barnard’s Cariboo Express” paster.

No. 242 Sent by Barnard’s Express and Dietz and Nelson’s British Columbia and Victoria Express to the H. P. P. Crease on July 1st, 1866.