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Wells Fargo delivers

By providing reliable banking and express services, Wells Fargo enabled many small businesses in growing towns to succeed. Check out cover No. 18, and discover how Wells Fargo helped the Jacobs family build its business in Tucson, Arizona.

No. 1299 Sent by Wells Fargo from Napa City to the Noisy Carriers office in San Francisco, California.

No. 18 Sent by Wells Fargo from San Bernardino, California, to Tucson, Arizona. Letter enclosed is dated November 29th, 1867, from Mark Jacobs to his son Lionel detailing operations of sending merchandise from San Francisco, California, to Lionel’s new store in Arizona.

No. 1300 Sent by Wells Fargo to James W. Mandeville in Sacramento, California.

No. 19 Sent by Wells Fargo from Hornitos to Wells Fargo agent J. W. Orear in Downieville, California.

No. 20 Sent by Wells Fargo from Hornitos to C. W. Shattuck in Placerville, El Dorado County, California.

No. 21 Sent by Wells Fargo from Sacramento to Benicia, California. It is addressed to J. W. Denver, the Secretary of State of California.

No. 22 Sent by Wells Fargo from the Young Ladies’ Seminary in Benicia to L. D. Latimer in Folsom, California.

No. 23 Sent by Wells Fargo from Stockton to J. F. Houghton, the Surveyor General, in Sacramento, California.