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Wells Fargo delivers

No. 610 Sent from the Wells Fargo office at 82 Broadway in New York City, New York. It is addressed to Chips, also known as Pilsbury Hodgkins, in Chicago, Illinois.

No. 611 Sent by Wells Fargo from Los Angeles, California, to Benjamin Dean in Providence, Rhode Island, in the care of Dean and Levis.

No. 612 Sent by Wells Fargo from Victoria, British Columbia, to Mr. Alex Banks at the U.S. Hotel on Front Street in Sacramento, California.

No. 613 Sent by Wells Fargo to Messrs. A. A. Pond and Co. in Todds Valley, California.

No. 614 Sent by Wells Fargo from Michigan City to H. Roelke in Spanish Flat, El Dorado County, California.

Photograph of the Wells Fargo office in Folsom, California, 1930s.

Photograph of Michigan Bluff, California, 1930s.