Panel 29

Wells Fargo delivers

No. 171 Sent by Wells Fargo from Victoria, Vancouver Island, to George Webster Anderson at the Rail Road House in Fort Jale, British Columbia, Canada. Letter enclosed is dated January 29th, 1883.

No. 172 Sent by Wells Fargo from J. R. Hett in Victoria, British Columbia, to John Andrew Robertson in Virginia City, Nevada, and then returned to Mr. Hett.

No. 173 Unused Wells Fargo cover from Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

No. 174 Sent by Wells Fargo from A. Fenkhausen and Co., “Importers & Jobbers of Wines and Liquors,” at 414 Front Street, San Francisco, to Quang Yuen in California. The address is also written in Chinese.

No. 175 Sent by Wells Fargo from Wolters Bros. and Co., “Importers and wholesale Liquor dealers” of Pony Kentucky Bourbon in San Francisco to Quong Fung Hi and Co. in Downieville, Sierra County, California.

No. 176 Sent by Wells Fargo to David J. Spence in Santa Clara, California. The company frank contains illustrations of a pony express rider, a stagecoach, and a train.

No. 176A Sent by Wells Fargo to H. J. Small in Sacramento, California. It came from the L. C. Peterman at the Glendale Hotel in Blue Canyon, California, on September 30th, 1894. The Frank commemorates Wells Fargo’s exhibit at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.