Panel 183

Letters from California

Letters from Stockton, Omega, Angeles Camp, Dry Creek, Oro Fino, San Francisco, and Mendocino.

No. 1300 Sent from Stockton, California, to David Woolsey in Milton, New York.

No. 1301 Sent from Omega, California, to George Pritchard at Market Square in London, England.

No. 1360 Sent from Angeles Camp, California, to Dr. J. S. M Cartney in Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

No. 1361 Sent from Dry Creek, California, to William Munford in Parkman, Ohio.

No. 1362 Sent from Oro Fino, California, to Arond Budelmann in Brinkum, Germany.

No. 1363 Sent to Dr. J. B. W. Pherson in San Francisco, California, by someone else in the city.

No. 1364 Sent from Mendocino, California, to Kate Gilson in East Pittston, Maine.

Photograph of house at Dry Creek, near La Grange, California, 1930s.