Panel 182

Letters from California

Letters from Bidwell’s Bar, Yolo, Moon’s Ranch, Sacramento, Scott River, Sonora, Mountain Wells, and Parks Bar.

No. 1197 Sent from Bidwell’s Bar, California, to Seth Smith at Long Green Maryland.

No. 1198 Sent from Yolo, California, to Miss Maggie Jeffers in Fairfield, Iowa. Inside is a letter dated April 3, 1864, from Mrs. Rahm.

No. 1199 Sent from Moon’s Ranch, California, to Mrs. Salinda Eastman in Springfield, Illinois.

No. 1271 Sent from Sacramento, California, to Carter Whitcomb in Worcester, Massachusetts. Inside is a letter from Carter’s brother, Byron.

No. 1272 Sent from Scott River, California, to Miss Ann Patterson in Freedonia, Virginia.

No. 1273 Sent from Sonora, California, to Leonard Jarvis in Surry, Maine. Inside is a letter from Leonard’s brother, Edward.

No. 1274 Sent from Mountain Wells, California, to Albert Harville in Fairfield, Maine.

No. 1275 Sent from Parks Bar, California, to George Whiting in West Winsted.

Photograph of Forest Home, California, 1930s.