Panel 178

Letters from California

Letters from Whiskey Creek, Windsor, Woods Diggings, Wood’s Ferry, Woodbridge, and Woodland.

No. 1183 Sent from Whiskey Creek, California, to Miss Ruggles in Carmel, Maine.

No. 1184 Sent from Windsor, California, to B. H. Richtnyer in Dry Town. Dated March 2, 1867.

No. 1185 Sent from Woods Diggings, California, to Jeremiah Pease in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Woods Diggings was renamed Jamestown in 1853.

No. 1186 Sent from Wood’s Ferry, California, to Miss Mary A. Woolson in Bristol, New Hampshire.

No. 1187 Sent from Woodbridge, California, to Warren & Co. in San Francisco. Woodbridge was renamed Wood’s Ferry.

No. 1188 Postcard sent from the Sheriff of Yolo County to the Sheriff of Sierra County. It features a reward for the capture of “Black Jack”.

Photograph of old fire house in Columbia, California, 1930s.

Photograph of Woods Diggings, California, 1930s.