Panel 176

Letters from California

Letters from Table Rock, Taylorsville, Tehama, Texas Hill, Timbuctoo, Todds Valley, Trinity, Ukiah, and Union.

No. 1165 Sent from Table Rock, California, to Miss Maria Bisbee in Sumner, Maine. Inside is a letter dated August 22, 1864, from Maria’s brother, J. H. Bisbee.

No. 1166 Sent from Taylorsville, California, to Charles Cooper in Downieville.

No. 1167 Sent from Tehama, California, to M. H. Daraeh in Oroville.

No. 1168 Sent from Texas Hill, California, by Rev. O. A. Dryden to Rev. G. S. Phillips in Sacramento. Dated September 27, 1856.

No. 1169 Sent from Timbuctoo, California, to David Merrill in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

No. 1170 Sent from Todds Valley, California, to Hannah G. Blanchard in Monhegan, Maine.

No. 1171 Sent from Trinity, California, to Rufus Buck in Bucksport, Maine.

No. 1172 Sent from Ukiah, California, to A. E. Sherwood in Sherwood. Inside is a letter dated August 10, 1869, from E. R. Budd.

No. 1173 Sent from Union, California, to J. B. Campbell in Mariposa. Dated May 10, 1871.

Photograph of Orleans Bar, formerly the county seat of Klamath County, Oregon, 1930s.