Panel 175

Letters from California

Letters from Stockton, Strawberry Valley, Sutter Creek, Suisun City, and Sweetland.

No. 1156 Sent from Stockton, California, to R. Kauffman in Millbrook, Ohio.

No. 1157 Sent from New York to Rev. G. S. Phillips. Originally sent to Stockton, California, and forwarded from there to Sacramento.

No. 1158 Sent from Strawberry Valley, California, to Charles A. Atkinson in Mariposa.

No. 1159 Sent from Strawberry Valley, California, to Miss Mary Ward in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

No. 1160 Sent from Strawberry Valley, California, to J. B. Campbell in Mariposa.

No. 1161, No. 1162 Sent from Sutter Creek, California, to Mrs. Jane Gill in Richboro, Pennsylvania.

No. 1163 Sent from Suisun City, California, to Ezra Batchelder in Danvers, Massachusetts.

No. 1164 Sent from Charleston, South Carolina to H. P. Sweetland in San Diego, California, and forwarded to Sweetland, California.

Photograph of Old I.O.O.F. building in Mariposa, California.