Panel 173

Letters from California

Letters from Sonoma, Spanish Flat, Staples Ranch, Spanish Ranch, and Springfield.

No. 1140 Sent from Sonoma, California, to Alexander Willard in Goodyear’s Bar. Dated July 29, 1856.

No. 1141 Sent from Sonoma, California, to Mary Mardle in Petaluma. Contains an advertisement for the Washington Hotel.

No. 1142 Sent from Spanish Flat, California, to Ira Harrison in Orange, New Jersey.

No. 1143 Sent from Spanish Flat, California, to Robert K. Reed in Stockton, California.

No. 1144 Sent from Staples Ranch, California, to Margaret Angel in Rocheport, Missouri. Delivered by the Overland route through Los Angeles.

No. 1145 Sent from Spanish Ranch, California, to P. T. Champelaux in Paris, France. Dated October 24, 1872. Delivered through New York and London to Paris.

No. 1146 Sent from Springfield, California, to Edwin Curtess in Kingston, Massachusetts.

Photograph of Mother Orange Tree planted in Bidwells Bar, California, 1930s.

Photograph of the ruins of the jail at Bidwells Bar, California, 1930s.