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Letters from California

Letters from Shaws Flat, Silver Mountain, Shingle Springs, Sierra City, Slippery Ford, Smiths Ranch, Snellings Ranche, and Snelling.

No. 1124 Sent from Shaws Flat, California, to Mrs. Henry Messenger in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. Inside is a letter dated February 16, 1860, from Mrs. Messenger’s brother. Written at Mount Pleasant, it was mailed at Shaws Flat.

No. 1125 Sent from Silver Mountain, California, to J. A. Owen in Gilroy. Inside is a letter dated December 27, 1869.

No. 1126 Sent from Shingle Springs, California, to Isaac Brown in Iowa. Inside is a letter dated March 22, 1868, from Annie to her family.

No. 1127 Sent from Sierra City, California, to Samuel Davis in Downieville.

No. 1128 Sent from Slippery Ford, California, to Charles Shattuck in Placerville. Postmarked May 21, 1865.

No. 1129 Sent from Smiths Ranch, California, to George Phillips in Santa Rosa.

No. 1130 Sent from Snellings Ranche, California, to Miss Mary Ann Stewart in Columbia, Kentucky.

No. 1131 Sent from Snelling, California, to Hiram Cornet in Indian Gulch.

Photograph of old store at Shingle Springs, California, 1930s.