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Letters from California

Letters from Santa Rosa, Searsville, Shasta, Secret Ravine, and Sebastapol.

No. 1115 Sent from Santa Rosa, California, to Jack Barnett at the Pension Office in Washington D.C.

No. 1116 Sent from Santa Rosa, California, to Turley Harris in Mount Vernon, Missouri. Inside is a letter dated December 19, 1856, from Turley’s brother, Wyatte Harris. The letter contains a small Chinese song and a translation of the Chinese words for the months of the year.

No. 1117 Sent from Searsville, California, to Jacob Hawler in San Francisco.

No. 1118 Sent from Shasta, California, to Klein Pgaltz in Bavaria, Germany.

No. 1119 Sent from Shasta, California, to Mrs. Ruth Baldwin in Berea, Ohio.

No. 1120 Sent from Shasta, California, to Rev. G. S. Phillips. Originally addressed to the Alameda Institute, it was forwarded from Alameda to Santa Clara. Dated February 14, 1859.

No. 1121 Sent from Shasta, California, to Joseph Patnam. Originally addressed to Sacramento and later sent to Patterson Station on the Sacramento Valley Railroad. Dated June 15, 1860.

No. 1122 Sent from Secret Ravine, California, to Stephen Johnson in Collinsville, Illinois. Delivered by the Overland route through Placerville.

No. 1123 Sent from Sebastapol, California, to G. L. Martel in San Francisco. Dated March 3, 1869.

Photograph of Secret Ravine in Placer County, California, 1935.