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Letters from California

Letters from San Francisco.

No. 1034 Sent to John Haile in San Francisco, California. Inside is a letter dated March 6th, 1849, from Haile’s “affectionate sister Maria.” She wrote about their family and hoped that he had recovered from his seasickness.

No. 1035 Sent to Daniel Gibb in San Francisco, California. Inside is a letter dated February 12th, 1850, written in the port city of Valparaiso, Chile.

No. 1036 Sent to Pilsbury “Chips” Hodgkins in San Francisco, California.

No. 1037 Sent from Hangtown, today Placerville, to Mr. Ladd in San Francisco, California. Inside is a letter dated June 23, 1850, from George Ladd to his “Respected Father.” He wrote, “Some time has passed since I left San Francisco and I have not seen or heard from you. I wrote to let you know if you come where I am. I am placed in a particular spot where I cannot hear from you or anyone else.” Debating on which town he wanted to try next, he planned on keeping his father informed by “leaving a line at the Post Office where you can find me if I go away.”

No. 1038 Sent from San Francisco, California, to D. Gibb. Inside is a letter dated August 15, 1850, from Robinson Bissler and Co. concerning an investment in the Pacific Mail Steamship Company.

No. 1039 Sent from San Francisco, California to John S. Hager.

No. 1040 Sent from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands to Captain J. L. Folsom in San Francisco, California. After the death of William A. Leidesdorff, Folsom purchased his estate in California. This cover is part of the correspondence between Folsom and Leidesdorff’s relatives, but the letter originally inside is lost.

Photograph of “Hook & Ladder No. 1,” at Knights Ferry, California, 1930s.