Panel 151

Letters from California

Letters from Railroad Flat, Rattlesnake, Rio Vista, Rock Creek, and Red Dog.

No. 969 Sent from Rail Road Flat, California, to P. Lewis in Liberty, Michigan.

No. 970 Sent by T. Rodgers Johnson to Independence Lodge in Rail Road Flat, California. Dated August 12, 1871.

No. 971 Sent from Rattlesnake, California, to H. T. Craig in Searsmont, Maine.

No. 972 Sent from Rio Vista, California, to Peter Willson in Jackson.

No. 973 Sent from Rock Creek, California, to Willborn Beeson in Phoenix, Oregon. Dated May 18, 1867.

No. 974 Sent from Red Bluff, California, to J. Rosburough in Yreka.

No. 975 Sent from the Tremont Hotel in Red Bluff, California, to Mrs. A. D. Moore in San Francisco.

No. 976 Sent from Red Dog, California, to Miss Lizzie Heydlauff in North Plains, Michigan. Dated October 10, 1860. Delivered by Overland Mail.

No. 977 Sent from Red Dog, California, to Mrs. Mary Downer in San Francisco.

Photograph of Heydlauff’s store in Red Dog, California, 1930s.