Panel 150

Letters from California

Letters from Placerville, Pleasant Springs, Poverty bar, Punta Arenas, Quartsburg, and Quincy.

No. 960 Sent from Placerville, California, to Joseph Freelove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Dated July 1, 1856.

No. 961 Sent from Placerville, California, to Miss Jane Conner in South Bristol, Wisconsin. On display is part of the elaborately decorated letter written by Hiram Tasmin Conner to his sister. He included a poem, “When this you see, Remember me…” The rest of letter described his life in California and possible plans to go to Australia: “I am at work for four dollars per day and board myself. I have got to be one of the top sheff koaks. I can make a pie as good as I want to eat. It costs me $4 a week for board. You said that you had not had a letter from me but I have written four to you… I sent you a piece of gold of my digging out, I hope you will get that. I do not know when I shall get back home for I think of going to Australia in the fall if I do well.”

No. 962 Sent from Placerville, California, to Rev. G. S. Phillips in Sacramento. Dated August 1857.

No. 963 Sent from Pleasant Springs, California, to James Mandeville in Columbia.

No. 964 Sent from Poverty Bar, California, to Hiram Messenger in Murphy’s.

No. 965 Sent from Punta Arenas, California, to William Chapman in San Francisco. Dated October 29, 1866.

No. 966 Sent from Punta Arenas, California, to W. P. Chapman in San Francisco. Dated November 11, 1867.

No. 967 Sent from Quartsburg, California, to the County Clerk in Mariposa. Note reads: “Election Returns Quartzburg Precinct, I do hereby certify that I received the election returns from the inspection and that it has passed thro’ no other hands D.M. Pool P.M.”

No. 968 Sent from Quincy, California, by the Overland Mail to J. J. Houn in Georgetown, Kentucky. Inside is a partial letter dated March 2, 1860. The letter starts, “My son I am at a loss to know what…”