Panel 149

Letters from California

Letters from Paradise, Parks Bar, Patterson, Phillips Flat, Petaluma, and Pilot Hill.

No. 951 Sent from Paradise, California, to Elias Ross “or any member of the family” in Murphy’s Camp. The letter contains a return address for W. J. Houston, a shop in Paradise City.

No. 952 Sent from Park’s Bar, California, to William Crapo in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Dated February 3, 1856. Within 3 years, the town no longer existed.

No. 953 Sent from Patterson, California, to Mrs. Frederic Shaw in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inside is a letter dated May 13, 1856 from Frederick to his wife: “I feel sorry Mary did not suit at the laundry but I know she did as well as she could. You spoke of going to do the work in her place. I do not know how you could leave home. I feel so sorry my poor family are so badly situated as to require such terrible sacrifices but I have strong hopes they will not be much longer necessary.” He added that he would “send you money as I can have no peace until I do. I feel assured I shall now do well in California.”

No. 954 Sent from Patterson, California, to John Grant in Pictor, Nova Scotia. Dated February 4, 1858.

No. 955 Sent from Phillips Flat, California, to B. B. Harris in Mariposa. Dated March 30, 1858.

No. 956 Sent from Rev. Hunter in Petaluma, California, to Rev. G. S. Phillips in Santa Clara. Dated July 19, 1860.

No. 957 Sent from Petaluma, California, to Andrea Tola Filippo in Locarno, Switzerland. Dated December 24, 1873

No. 958 Sent from Pilot Hill, California, to Rev. George S. Phillips in Sacramento. Dated December 25, 1856.

No. 959 Sent from Pilot Hill, California, to Sacramento.

Photograph of Bailey House near Pilot Hill, California, 1930s.