Panel 148

Letters from California

Letters from North Branch, Onion Valley, Oregon House, Oro Fino, Ophirville, Oroville, and Pacheco.

No. 943 Sent from North Branch, California, to Mrs. James Carey in San Francisco.

No. 944 Sent from North Branch, California, to Rosborough and Berry in Yreka.

No. 945 Sent from Onion Valley, California, to John B. Overton, the Clerk of the District Court at Quincy. Originally, it contained a deposition from Robert A Clark. Dated June 30, 1868.

No. 946 Sent from Oregon House, California, to Miss Lizzie M. Glick in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Received July 26, 1851.

No. 947 Sent from Oro Fino, California, to Jack Tibbetts in Santa Rosa.

No. 948 Sent from the California mining camp of Ophirville, later known as Ophir. Addressed to Elizabeth Crumbaker in Eastplainfield, Ohio, likely Plainfield today.

No. 949 Sent from Oroville, California, to Lucy H. Lors in Passfield, New Hampshire. Dated July 3, 1859.

No. 950 Sent from Pacheco, California, to Ebenezer Abbott in East Corinth, Vermont.

Photograph of a marker for the infamous robber known as Black Bart, near Oroville, California, 1930s.