Panel 147

Letters from California

Letters from Nevada City, Nicolaus, and North San Juan.

No. 934 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Peter H. Burnett in San Jose. This letter was sent in 1850, when Burnett served as the first Governor of the State of California.

No. 935 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Miss Mary Bell in “County Clair.”

No. 936 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Kentucky. Inside is a letter written on May 24, 1852, from Samuel B. to his wife. He wrote of recently arriving in the area and plans to find a claim and start prospecting. Realizing how unusual he must look he pointed out that “If you could see us with our long boots on and pick axes shovel on our backs you would laugh.” He described the new people he met: “There are quite a number here and all they want is to gamble and drink…” To keep in contact with his wife he gave clear instructions on how to address future letters to him. He instructed “And you with the rest can direct to Grassvalley just as you always has directed and when we go from here we shall put our names on the express list and have them sent up to us that will be the best way for us to get our letters.”

No. 937 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Ashbel West in Sardinia, New York.

No. 938 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Mary Baker in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

No. 939 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Oliver Barnum in Shoreham, Vermont.

No. 940 Sent from Nevada City, California, to Frederic Shaw at 438 South Marshal Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dated September 4, 1858.

No. 941 Sent from Nicolaus, California, to the Secretary of State J. W. Denver in Sacramento City. Inside is a letter dated July 13, 1854, from the County Clerk of Sutter County writing to confirm that he received recent reports delivered by Adams and Co. Express.

No. 942 Sent from North San Juan, California, to C. C. Thacker in Cattaraugus, New York. Dated December 25, 1860.

Photograph of “The Castle” at Nevada City, California, 1930s.