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Letters from California

Letters from Mormon Island, Newtown, Napa City, and Newcastle.

No. 925 Sent from Mormon Island, California, to M. D. Fairchild in San Jose in 1854.

No. 926 Sent from Mormon Island, California, to Charles F. Irwin in Placerville.

No. 927 Sent from Newtown, California, to Michael Greary at 326 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.

No. 928 Sent from McKinney, California, by the Sherriff of Sonoma on March 27, 1850. Addressed to P. H. Burnett. In December 1849, Burnett became the first elected civilian governor of California. Burnett resigned after serving only a year in office, but during that time California went from a territory to a U.S. state.

No. 929 Sent from Napa City, California, to the State Comptroller, J. S. Houston in 1851. It includes the unique address “San Jose or Vallejo!! or God Knows where, Cala.” The capital of California moved three times in three years, which caused confusion and frustration for many trying to reach state officials.

No. 930 Sent from Napa, spelled “Nappa City,” California, to J. M. Mandeville in Sacramento.

No. 931 Sent from Napa (spelled “NA PA City”), California, to G. S. Phillips in Santa Clara in 1859.

No. 932 Sent from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Miss Sue A. Patton. Originally addressed to Napa City, California, and then forwarded to Danville.

No. 933 Sent from Newcastle, California, to Mrs S. Richardson at Newton, Massachusetts in 1866.

Photograph of Pilot Hill, California, 1930s.