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Letters from California

Letters from Mountain View, Mount Ophir, Mt. Bullion, Mud Springs, and Murphy’s.

No. 916 Sent from Mountain View, California, to Thomas Cleary in Mitchellville, Iowa.

No. 917 Sent from Mount Ophir, California, to J. B. Campbell in Mariposa.

No. 918 Sent from Mt. Bullion, California, to Miss Phebe A. Holcomb at Jenny Lind.

No. 919 Sent from “Mud Springs,” California. In 1857 this town changed its name to El Dorado. Sent to Miss Eliza W. Wright in Owensboro, Kentucky.

No. 920 Sent from Exeter, New Hampshire, to Murphy’s Camp, California. There it was forwarded to San Francisco. Inside is letter dated July 19, 1853 to Gardiner Gilman from his brother. The letter explains why the letter was misdirected. In a previous letter Gardiner said he was going to go to Murphy’s Camp. He even asked for advice from his distant brother who responded: “I cannot of course say anything as to the fortune of Murphy’s Camp, as to what it can offer for an enterprising man.” He did add that based on what he had heard, “Life in Cala as a general fact is not one of such stability and depth of purpose. The interest seems to be contained in the present moment.” Besides sharing stories of friends and family, Gardiner’s brother also wrote “Our nursery is flourishing and duly cared for. The cherry trees have done themselves credit this year. I could have wished you might have enjoyed their products with us at home.”

No. 921 Sent from Hinsdale, Massachusetts, to H. A. Messenger in California. Although originally sent to Murphy’s it was forwarded to Campo Seco.

No. 922 Sent from Murphy’s, California, to Lewis Bly in Central Square, New York.

No. 923 Sent from Murphy’s, California, to Sarah Pellet in San Francisco.

No. 924 Sent from Murphy’s, California, to A. R. Wheat in North Branch, an early mining camp in Calaveras County.

Photograph of Trabucco’s store at Mt. Bullion, California, 1930s.