Panel 144

Letters from California

Letters from Monroeville, Montezma, Monterey, Moore’s Flat, and Mountain Ranch.

No. 907 Sent from Monroeville, California, to “Wm. B. Ide, Judge of Colsi County, concerning certificate of time of appointment of John S. Hughes as Judge.” Forwarded from “Vellijo” to Sacramento.

No. 908 Sent from Montezuma, California, to J. W. Mandeville in Sacramento. On the reverse is a seal from G. F. Nesbitt in New York.

No. 909 Sent from Monterey, California, and addressed to Van Voorhies in San Francisco, but forwarded to San Jose. Inside is a letter dated February 17, 1851, from Preston K. Woodside, a clerk in Monterey County, requesting copies of the statutes since the county never received full copies.

No. 910 Sent from Monterey, California, to Hiram O. Miller at the “Pueblo” of San Jose in upper California. Dated May 16, 1851.

No. 911 Sent from Monterey, California, to Secretary of State of California Van Voorhies in San Jose. Inside is a letter dated May 14, 1851, from P. K. Woodside, a clerk in Monterey County. He writes, “I have noticed in the Public Prints that the Legislature have passed some act relating to the old archives now under my charge in the county clerks office. I had previously represented to … our senator from this district the necessity of the passage of a law appropriating a sufficient sum to defray the expense of properly assorting, arranging and indexing these papers, which I should think could not properly be performed by any save under my own supervision…”

No. 912 Sent from Monterey, California, to Secretary of State J. W. Denver in Benicia. Inside is a letter dated June 15, 1853 from state legislator W. P. Hartuell concerning “the remained of the laws referred to in your last communication have not as yet come to hand.” He adds “I am progressing as fast as possible with the translation of the law already received, and shall in due time attend to your instructions.”

No. 913 Sent from Monterey, California, to Ellen Tuck in Hallowell, Maine.

No. 914 Sent from Moore’s Flat, California, now a ghost town. Formerly it was known as Clinton. Sent to Hiram Manter in West Mills, Maine.

No. 915 Sent from Mountain Ranch, California, to W. I. Dakin in Mokelumne Hill, California.

Photograph of Haggerty’s Store in Moore’s Flat, California, 1930s.