Panel 141

Letters from California

Letters from Markleeville, Martinsburg, and Marysville.

No. 881 Sent from Markleeville, California, to Miss Shebe A. Halcomb in Jenny Lind.

No. 882 Sent from Martinsburg, California, to Capt. M. H. Darraoh in Oroville.

No. 883 Sent from Marysville, California, to Ellis and Crosby in San Francisco. Inside is a letter from Hawley Simmons and Co. requesting a receipt for an express shipment of money by Freeman and Co.’s Express. Dated December 16, 1850.

No. 884 Sent from Marysville, California, to J. O. Carr in Troy, Missouri. Inside is a letter dated April 14, 1851, from B. F. Todd, writing “in the mountains of California” to his father. He writes that he moved to the banks of the north Feather River, about 200 miles from Sacramento, “where we expect to spend the summer and then all will leave for home. We hope to make something that will pay us for the trip.” This seems to be a change of plans as he explains, “I have written so often that I was coming home this spring that I almost fear Ellen [his wife] will not believe anything I say about it.” He explains why he has not returned home yet: “I dread returning home without money and think by being a little more selfish than I have been I can make it and I want one more fare [fair] chance this summer.” He adds, “I have learned to take things as I find them in the world and not trouble myself about that which I cannot help and never rack the brain cooking for trouble that probably never will come. Our real troubles in life are enough without imagining them.” He adds, “[I] never will try to get my family here and I intend Ellen [his wife] shall have her choice as to the place where we live when I return. Yet California is a very agreeable climate and good country for a poor man.” He closes with a reminder:“I am 200 miles from the post office and have a bad chance to write or get letters so do not be uneasy if I do not write so often as formerly.”

No. 885 Sent from Marysville, California, to the Secretary of State in Sacramento. Dated May 5, 1852.

No. 886, 888 Sent from Marysville, California, to William P. Harrington in Kno Castle [New Castle], Maine.

No. 887, 889 Sent from Marysville, California, to William P. Harrington in New Castle, Maine.

Photograph of the old “Crane House” on the La Porte road, California, 1930s.