Panel 138

Letters from California

Letters from Lassen, Lincoln, Liberty, La Porte, and Lancha Plana.

No. 856 Sent from Lassen, California, to Hattie Brophy in Ashlin (likely Ashland) Mills, Oregon.

No. 857 Sent from Lincoln, California, to Alfred Newland in Colusa.

No. 858 Sent from Liberty, California, to Blanchard and Gwin in Placerville.

No. 859 Addressed to Hiram Miller in “St Jose or Jan Jose,” California. Sent from La Porte by Postmaster W. Youlen.

No. 860 Sent from La Porte, California, to Sarah A. Rogers in Brunswick, Missouri.

No. 861 Sent from La Porte, California, to James G. Hill. First sent to Fort Valley, Georgia. Corrected and sent overland through Los Angeles to Byromville, Georgia.

No. 862 Sent from La Porte, California. Sent by overland mail through Los Angeles to Rev. Whitman C. Hill in Fort Valley, Georgia. Dated February 2, 1859.

No. 863 Sent from La Porte, California, to John P. Mason in Marysville. Dated April 29, 1859. Inside is a letter from his mother writing, “dear little Harry is at my side tell me in a whisper to send a ship to his big brother Johnnie and tell him to come home so as he can ride on his back…” Another brother, Willie, writes, “write soon an let me know about the school be shure an tell me the next letter that you write for I am very anxious to know.”

No. 864 Sent from Lancha Plana, California, to W. W. Gordan in Jackson.

Photograph of La Porte, California, 1930s.