Panel 133

Letters from California

Letters from Gilroy, Greensprings, Grafton, Greenwood, Hamilton, Healdsburg, Henley, and Hornitos.

No. 813 Sent from Gilroy, California, to G. A. Perkins in Athens, Pennsylvania.

No. 814 Sent from Green Springs, California, to Miss Abbie J. Bourne in Wareham, Massachusetts. Inside is a letter dated January 1, 1858, from her brother. He wished her a Happy New Years, and reflected on how his sister must now be 20 years old, but he and his friend “still thinks of you as a child as you were when he left.”

No. 815 Sent from Grafton, California, to G. W. Pierce in San Francisco. Dated August 5, 1866.

No. 816 Sent from Greenwood, California, to Mrs. Walter North in Springfield, Massachusetts.

No. 817 Sent from Hamilton, California, the first county seat of Butte County, but today a ghost town. Addressed to the Governor of California, John McDougall, in San Francisco, California.

No. 818 Sent from Healdsburg, California, to L. L. Latimer in Santa Rosa. Dated August 3, 1863.

No. 819 Sent from Healdsburg (written as Healdsburgh), California, to Laura Pine in Cedar Lake, New York.

No. 820 Sent from Henley, California, to Welborn Beeson in Phoenix, Oregon. Inside is a letter dated February 17, 1867, from J. P. Chandler who has “only eleven more months to serve” as a soldier.

No. 821 Sent from Hornitos (spelled Hornitus), California, to George E. Drew in Stockton, California. Inside is a letter dated June 22, 1864, from M. B. Lewis concerning a payment sent by Wells Fargo.

Photograph of an old building in Hornitos, California, 1930s.