Panel 131

Letters from California

Letters from Fort Tejon, Fosters Bar, Forth Crossing, French Corral, French Gulch, Gibsonville, and Georgetown.

No. 797 Sent from Georgetown, South Carolina, to Benicia and forwarded to Fort Reading, San Francisco, and Fort Tejon through San Pedro. Addressed to Ben Aleston. Taken partly by Army mail pouch.

No. 798 Sent from Fosters Bar, California, to Miss Lucy Jan Whitcomb in Swanzey, New Hampshire.

No. 799 Sent from Fourth Crossing, California, to J. C. Black in San Jose, California.

No. 800 Sent from French Corral to Mrs. Adaline D. Lyon in Westport, New York State. Inside is a letter dated February 12, 1861, from H. O. Lyon to her mother. She wrote that “The people here try to make one think that I want to get married but I tell them that I am not old enough and besides my mother would not like it if I should.”

No. 801 Sent from French Gulch, California, to John P. Wilson in San Francisco.

No. 802 Sent from Gibsonville, California, to Miss Lydia A. Woodward in Foxcroft, Maine.

No. 803 Sent from Georgetown, California, to George H. Murphy in Mystic River, Connecticut.

No. 804 Sent from Georgetown, California, to C. C. Carpenter in Denver City, Pikes Peak, Colorado. Dated October 28, 1860. Taken by overland stage through Placerville and Salt Lake City.

Photograph of the Old American Hotel at Georgetown, California, 1930s.