Panel 129

Letters from California

Letters from Dobbins Ranch, Don Pedros Bar, Dry Town, Douglas Flat, Dutch Flat, El Dorado, Empire Ranch, Esmeralda, and Eureka.

No. 779 Sent to Robert R. Carrington in San Francisco, California. Taken from Dobbins Ranch, which was a small town with a Post Office from 1851-1854. Inside is a letter from Robert’s cousin Ben Ely.

No. 780 Sent to Mrs. G. L. Waters in Sacramento, California. Taken from Don Pedros Bar, which existed only before 1860, and is now under the waters of Don Pedro Reservoir.

No. 781 Sent to Miss. Emeline F. Williams in the “City of New York.” Taken from Dry Town, California.

No. 782 Sent from Douglas Flat, California, to Rosborough A. Berry in Yreka City. Dated September 18, 1860.

No. 783 Sent from Dutch Flat, California, to W. P. Stone in Dunbarton, New Hampshire.

No. 784 Sent from El Dorado, formerly Mud Springs, to Mr. Irwin in Placerville, California.

No. 785 Sent from Empire Ranch, California, to James Burns in Washington, Maine. Dated June 17, 1856.

No. 786 Sent from Esmeralda, California, to Mrs. J. A. Armstrong in Muknonago, Wisconsin.

No. 787 Sent to Dr. Clark in Eureka, California.

Photograph of the old Odd Fellows Hall in Dutch Flat, California, 1930s.