Panel 127

Letters from California

Letters from Copperopolis, Cottonwood, Cosumnes, Danville, and Diamond Springs.

No. 764 Sent from Copperopolis, California, to James A. Owens in Silver Mountain.

No. 765 Sent from Cottonwood, California, to Col. J. P. Madden in San Francisco, California. Dated March 16, 1863.

No. 766 Sent from Cosumnes, California, by stage through Los Angeles to Miss Hattie E. Stevens in De Soto, Wisconsin. Dated October 12, 1860.

No. 767 Sent from Danville, California, to Mr. Freeman in Benicia.

No. 768 Sent from Diamond Springs, California, to John N. Moody in South Boston, Massachusetts. Dated August 19, 1858.

No. 769 Sent from Diamond Springs, California to L. J. Kirkman in Winchester, Illinois.

No. 770 Sent from Diamond Springs, California to L. P. Walker at the Department of the Interior in Washington City, D.C.

Photograph of Cosumnes, California, 1930s.