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Letters from California

Letters from Clifton, Cold Spring, and Coloma (earlier spelled as Culloma.)

No. 748 Sent from Clifton, California, to Miss Josephine Williams in San Francisco, California. The existence of a post office in Clifton was new to Ernest Wiltsee when he added this cover to the collection.

No. 749 Sent from Cold Springs, California, to J. Weston Breman in San Francisco, California. Cold Spring was five miles from Placerville.

No. 750 Sent to George S. Nichols in Athens, New York. Sent from Culloma, now known as Coloma, California. Before California became a U.S. state it was part of Mexico called “Alta California.”

No. 751 Sent to Mrs. Susan Lammond in Lancaster, South Carolina. Inside is a letter dated September 8, 1850, from her husband W. J. Lammond detailing his experiences as a gold miner in California. He closes his letter with instructions “Should you need any money, Let me know it immediately and I will send you a draft on New York which you can sell.”

No. 752 Sent to Edward M. Davis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sent from Culloma, now Colma, California. Inside is a letter dated August 11, 1851, from John Roskin.

No. 753 Sent to William M. Barrett in Garnersville, Georgia. Inside is a letter dated August 8, 1852, from his brother F. A. Barrett in Culloma, now Coloma, California. F. A. Barrett warns his brother that “The mines aint near as good as that was represented to be in Georgia. The Cream of California you may advise you and all the Rest of my friends, is to stay at home. If I was thar and new as much as I do I would stay there.”

No. 754 Sent from Rev. Gibbons in Coloma, California, to Rev. G. S. Phillips in Sacramento, California. Dated November 22, 1856.

No. 755 Sent from Rising Sun, Indiana to Robert O. Clark in Coloma, California.

Photograph of Bekeart’s Gun Store in Coloma, California.