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Letters from California

Letters from Bucks Ranch, Butte Mills, Burnt Ranch, Callahans Ranch, Campo Seco, and Camptonville.

No. 732 Sent from Bucks Ranch, California, to Mrs. Margaret Anegel in Rocheport, Missouri. Dated September 14, 1862.

No. 733 Sent from Butte Mills, now Magalia, California, to Mrs. Minerva Scholfield in Montville, Connecticut.

No. 734 Sent from Callahans Ranch, California, to Giocan Giacomo Righetti in Locarno in the Ticino Canton in Switzerland. Dated October 10, 1862.

No. 735 Sent from Burnt Ranch, California, to Lizzie Tursill in San Francisco.

No. 736 Sent from Camp Seco, California, to Mr. Wangenheim in San Francisco.

No. 737 Sent from Camptonville, California, to Lucy Jane Whitcomb in Swanzey, New Hampshire.

No. 738 Sent from Washington, Illinois, to William H. Timble. Addressed to Camptonville, California, but forwarded to Russian River. Dated August 4, 1857.

No. 739 Sent from Camptonville, California, through the Panama Isthmus to Silas Richardson in Belmont, New York. Dated November 17, 1862.

Photograph of Post Office in Camptonville, California, 1930s.