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Sent by Pony Express

The writers of these important letters needed them sent fast. To see them delivered in a revolutionary 10 days, they paid as much as $5 (equivalent to $100 today) to send by Pony Express.

Pony Express No. 15 Sent to Albert Dibblee in San Francisco, California. This cover left New York on October 26, 1861, and was delivered in San Francisco on November 20, 1861, and is considered one of the last deliveries made by Pony Express.

Pony Express No. 16 Sent to Maria Lacey in Chicago, Illinois. This cover left the Central Overland Pony Express station in Placerville, California, on June 6, 1861.

Pony Express No. 17 Sent to Sophie B. Latham in New York City, New York. Taken by Pony Express. Inside is a letter from U.S. Senator Milton S. Latham to his wife Sophie discussing his speaking tour in California during the start of the Civil War. Newspaper clippings he enclosed in the letter reported that “He spoke eloquently in favor of the Union and of sustaining the Government in its effort to overcome rebellion and to preserve the Union intact, and the people by thousands turned out to hear him.”

Newspaper article listing letters that arrived “unexpectedly” by Pony Express on November 20, 1861.