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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by G. H. Wines and Co.’s Express, Rhodes and Whitney’s Express, Palmer and Co.’s Express, Wood and Co.’s Express, Mossman’s and Co.’s Express, and Tracy and Co.’s Express.

No. 1286 Sent to Alfred Humphrey in Harrisburg, Oregon Territory. Taken by Rhodes and Whitney’s Express.

No. 1287 Sent to Mrs Susan D. Iaques in Brooklyn, New York. Taken by Palmer and Co.’s Express. Inside is a letter dated February 9, 1851, from her husband in Louisville, California.

No. 1288 Sent to J. H. Bonner in San Francisco, California. Taken by Wood and Co.’s Express, which connected with Wells Fargo at Oroville.

No. 1289 Sent to Florence J. W. Tenney in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Taken by Mossman’s and Co.’s Express, which ran from the Dalles and Walla Walla to Dirigo, Nez Perces, Salmon River, and Boise Basin. In 1863, this express operation became part of Wells Fargo.

No. 1290 Sent to Asher Marks in San Francisco, California. Taken by Tracy and Co.’s Express with Wells Fargo from Roseburg, Oregon, and forwarded by U.S. mail to Folsom, California.

Photograph of Dr. John Marsh’s house erected 1855-1856 near Byron, California, 1930s.