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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Francis’ Express, Fargo and Co.’s Feather River Express, Freeman and Co.’s Express, American Express, Hinkley and Co.’s Express, and Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company.

No. 1282 Sent from Gibsonville, California, to Miss Lizzie Glick in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Taken by Francis’ Express, which ran from Gibsonville to the surrounding camps.

No. 1283 Sent to Gilbert Billings in Rush Creek, California. Taken by Fargo and Co.’s Express, which ran from Feather River points to Marysville in 1853 where it connected with Wells Fargo. Its owner Annan Fargo had no connection with the Fargo of Wells Fargo. It appears that this letter was given to Rhodes and Lusk’s Express for delivery by mistake as they operated only in Trinity and the northern counties. Someone corrected the location of Rush Creek and turned it over to Fargo and Co. for delivery.

No. 1284 Sent from San Francisco, California, to George S. Nichols in Athens, New York. Taken by Freeman and Co.’s Express.

No. 1285 Sent to Miss Hattie Stevens in Gilboa, New York. Taken by Hinkley and Co., which collected mail throughout Colorado. At Denver the letters were forwarded by the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express to St. Joseph, Missouri, where delivery east went by U.S. mail.

No. 1342 Sent to J. W. Mandeville “Member of the Senate” in Sacramento, California. Taken by American Express.

No. 1343 Sent to Belloc Frères of Sescau in San Francisco, California. Taken by Freeman and Co.’s Express, Panama. Inside is a letter dated April 15, 1857.

Photograph of Rescue, California, 1930s.