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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Ballou’s Fraser River Express, Beck’s Express, Bamber and Co.’s Express, Cram Rogers and Co.’s Express, Pacific Express Co., Beekman’s Express, and Everts, Snell and Co. Express.

No. 1276 Sent from West Minster to J. H. Hawks in Lillooet, British Columbia. Taken by Ballou’s Fraser River Express from Victoria to Lillooet.

No. 1277 Sent to Jacob Erb in Downieville, California. Taken by Beck’s Express, which operated from Downieville to Sears Diggings in 1853.

No. 1278 Sent from San Francisco to James Shinn in Centerville, California. Taken by Bamber and Co.’s Express.

No. 1279 Sent from Weaverville, California to Jonathan Clarke in San Francisco. Taken by Cram Rogers and Co.’s Express from Weaverville to Shasta where Pacific Express forwarded it to San Francisco.

No. 1280 Sent from Jacksonville, Oregon, to J. Marks in Roseburg, Oregon. Taken by Beekman’s Express and Wells Fargo.

No. 1281 Sent to Levi R. Waters in Clinton, New York. Taken by Everts, Snell and Co. Express from Gibsonville to Marysville, California.

Photograph of a building that was once the Wells Fargo office in Hornitos, California, 1930s.