Panel 117

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Barnard’s Express, Tracy and Co. Oregon Express, San Francisco Letter Express, Fresno and San Francisco Bicycle Mail Route, and Eureka Express Co.

No. 640 Sent to Rothschild and Co. in Port Townsend, Washington Territory. Taken by Barnard’s Express in Victoria on Vancouver Island and forwarded by Wells Fargo.

No. 641 Sent to S. N. M. Giurvis in Westville, Ohio. Taken by Tracy and Co. Oregon Express and Nez Perces Express.

No. 642 Sent to E. H. Leadbeater in San Francisco, California. Taken by San Francisco Letter Express. Inside is a letter dated October 22, 1867 from Sydney E. Smith.

No. 643 Sent to W. Sellschopp and Co. on Stockton Street in San Francisco, California. Taken by Victor Bicycle Messenger Service between Fresno and San Francisco, which operated during the railroad strike of 1894.

No. 1357 Unused cover with a frank for Eureka Express Co.