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Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Angiers’ Express, D. W. Harrier’s Express, Hastings’ Express, Everts, Hannon, Wilson and Co. Express, Singer and Morrow Express, and Tracy and Co.’s Express.

No. 1333 Sent to Col. R. Abbey at Spring Valley Water Works in San Francisco, California. Taken by Angiers’ Express, which ran from North San Juan to Humbug, connecting with Wells Fargo.

No. 1334 Taken by D. W. Harrier’s Express, which ran from Moore’s Flat to Eureka South, now called Graniteville. From there it was forward by Wells Fargo from Nevada City, California, to Dr. Doherty in San Francisco.

No. 1335 Addressed to H. Rosenfeld and Co. in Portland, Oregon. Taken by Hastings’ Express, which ran from Portland to the surrounding camps in Oregon. The Illustration used by Hastings’ appeared in newspapers, advertising the arrival of the Pony Express.

No. 1336 Addressed to Noisy Carrier’s book and stationery dealers in San Francisco, California. Taken by Everts, Hannon, Wilson, and Co. Express from St. Louis, Missouri, and forwarded by Pacific Express Co. to Marysville, California.

No. 1337 Sent to William Wagner in Fredericktown, Ohio. Taken by Singer and Morrow Express, which succeeded W. E. Singer and Co.’s Express in 1856, running from Marysville to all points on the Feather River.

No. 1338 Sent to A. Bush from Richards and M’Craken commission merchants. Taken by Tracy and Co.’s Express.

No. 1339 Sent to Rufus Whiting in Dover, Massachusetts. Taken by Tracy and Co.’s Express.

No. 1340 Sent to A. Bush in Salem, Oregon. Taken by Tracy and Co.’s Express.

No. 1341 Sent to Lieut. John T. Apperson in Walla Walla, Washington Territory. Taken by Tracy and Co.’s Oregon Express. On the back of this cover is pasted an unused Wells Fargo cover.

Photograph of a building with a spiral staircase in Weaverville, California, 1930s. The staircases were built on the outside to conserve floor space within.