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Sent by express

These letters were sent by Wells Fargo.

No. 1291 Sent by mail from Dahlonega, Georgia, via New York to San Francisco, California. From there it was delivered by Wells Fargo near Yankee Jim’s.

No. 1292 Taken by Wells Fargo from San Francisco, California, to L. M. Fry and Co. in New York City, New York. Inside is a letter dated February 8, 1855.

No. 1331 Sent by Wells Fargo, and addressed to Pilsbury “Chips” Hodgkins, a veteran Wells Fargo messenger who lived in Stockton, California. A note on the side indicates that the letter was sent “to Louisa,” his wife. The letter was from S. Shattuck.

No. 1332 Taken by Wells Fargo and delivered to someone in Gold River, California.

No. 1293 Taken by Wells Fargo to George Graham at Robinson’s Ferry via Sonora, California.

No. 1294 Sent from Milton S. Latham, former U.S. Senator of California, to J. W. Mandeville, former U.S. Senator and Surveyor General of California. Taken by Wells Fargo to Columbia, California.

No. 1295 Taken by Wells Fargo “Overland via Los Angeles” by stage to St. Louis, Missouri, where the U.S. mail forwarded it to Edward Reynolds in Boston, Massachusetts.

Photograph of the Wells Fargo building in Columbia, California, 1930s.