Panel 111

Sent by express

These letters were sent by Wells Fargo.

No. 615 Sent by Wells Fargo from San Francisco to Martin Lemeke in Los Angeles, California, in the 1870s. Likely sent from Mayrisch Bro’s and Co. manufacturers of cigars in San Francisco, California.

No. 616 Sent to Stockton to H. G. W. Daun in Sacramento, California. Features a Wells Fargo sticker.

No. 617 Sent from Mariposa to Abraham Halsey in San Francisco, California. Features a Wells Fargo sticker.

No. 619 Sent by Wells Fargo to Frank Lewis in San Jose, California.

Letter enclosed in commission from Panel 112 from the Sheriff’s office in Mariposa in 1888.

Photograph of Wells Fargo office in Georgetown, California, 1930s.

Photograph of the first Wells Fargo office building in Volcano, California, 1930s.