Panel 110

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Adams and Co.’s Express, Bamber and Co.’s Express, and Brown’s Express.

No. 605 Sent from Boston to Martin and Lawson at No. 20 John Street, New York City, New York. Taken by Adams and Co.’s Express. This was not the Adams and Co.’s Express later incorporated in California but an earlier eastern company of the same name. Inside is a letter dated October 21, 1844, that concerns a shipment of fabric for Miss Spear. S. Turner signed the letter.

No. 606 Sent from Philadelphia to Enoch Thorn at 338 Pine Street in New York City, New York. Taken by Adams and Co.’s Express. Inside is a letter concerning subscriptions for the Pennsylvania Rail Road Company.

No. 607 Addressed to Gardener Gilman in Murphy’s Camp, Mariposa County, California. Taken by mistake by Adams and Co.’s Express to town of Mariposa and forwarded on to Murphy’s Camp. Inside is a letter dated March 12, 1853, from Edmund Chadwell.

No. 608 Addressed to D. W. Cheeseman in Oakland, California. This cover has a Bamber and Co.’s Express frank on an envelope but with no U.S. postage stamp, as required.

No. 609 Addressed to A. R. Bradbury and Co. in Stockton, California. An express mark from Brown’s Express in Angels Camp is featured on this cover.

Photograph of Volcano, California, 1930s.