Panel 103

Sent by express

Wells Fargo worked with other express companies to deliver letters. These letters were sent by Todd and Co.’s Oregon and California Express, Todd’s Express, and Tracy and Spear’s Express.

No. 572 Sent from Oregon City, to A. P. Ankeny Portland, Oregon, by Todd and Co.’s Oregon and California Express. This express, owned by A. H. Todd, succeeded Todd and Colt’s Oregon and California Express. It existed from June, 1850, to Oct. 8, 1851. Inside is a letter dated July 1851 from A. Holbrook.

No. 573 Sent from B. F. Moulton in San Francisco to B. Hall in Stockton, California. Taken by Todd’s Express, which ran from Stockton to the Southern mines. It was formed by C. A. Todd who bought out Reynolds, Todd and Co. on April 26, 1852. This express existed until Sept. 14, 1853 when it was purchased by Wells Fargo, giving them their first solid entry into the Southern mines.

No. 574 Sent from Sonora to J. W. Mandeville in Benicia, California. Taken by Todd’s Express.

No. 575 Sent to the Bisagno Brothers in San Francisco, California. Taken by Tracy and Spear’s Express, which ran from Georgetown to Placerville, via Kelsey and Spanish Flat. Connected in Placerville with Wells Fargo. It also connected with the Great Pioneer Express running to the small camps on the Middle Fork of the American River above Georgetown.

Photograph of Georgetown, California, 1930s.