Snowflake Plush Pony Snowflake was released in 2011 in honor of the many horses that worked in New York City in the 1910s.
Every morning, horses at the Wells Fargo stables in Jersey City, New Jersey would line up to be hitched to their wagons to start their day.
After filling up their wagons at the train depot, they would board a ferry for their morning commute into Manhattan.
These horses helped delver money, merchandise, packages, and important business papers to customers around the city.
Snowflake-hist In March 1917, noted illustrator Edward Hopper captured the excitement experienced by the ferry-riding horses for the cover of the Wells Fargo Messenger, the company’s monthly magazine.

Horses and wagons boarded ferry boats at the Wells Fargo dock in the Hudson.
Hundreds of horses called the Wells Fargo stables home in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Wells Fargo horses line up with their wagons at the train depot in Jersey City, New Jersey. Blankets kept them warm on cold and rainy days.

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