In 2013, a century after being profiled in the January 1913 issue of Wells Fargo Messenger, Shamrock came back to work for Wells Fargo as a Plush Pony.

Shamrock was a champion stallion, and the pride of the Wells Fargo wagon teams in St. Louis, Missouri. Every Morning at the Union Depot there, dozens of Wells Fargo wagons and horses like Shamrock picked up and delivered express that arrived by rail from all over the country.


Wells Fargo wagon driver Ollie Ziegler described the scene at the depot:

When prancing, slow trotting just a bit faster than a walk, their necks bowed, champing at the bits, carrying their tails high, the drivers’ arms outstretched and holding a tight line, all made a never to be forgotten sight.

(Ziegler memoirs, University of Missouri Cultural Heritage Center, 1993.)

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